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Is Jesus calling you to the priesthood or religious life?
Discern your vocation in the Diocese of Boise.

Discern Your Call


Is Christ calling you to lay down your life and serve Him as a priest? Learn about the priesthod and how to discern your vocation

Religious Life

Are you called to make vows of poverty, chastity, and obediance in a religious community? Are you open to God’s call?


How can I figure out God’s plan for my life? Am I called to be a priest or a husband? A sister or a wife? How will I know for sure? 

Discernment is the art of listening to God’s call for your life, whether to marriage, priesthood, or consecrated life.

Discerning one’s vocation is rarely easy. It typically takes months or years, includes daily prayer and spiritual direction, and leads to a well-informed decision to commit to the Lord in a particular way.

Fortunately, you do not have to discern alone! Priests and Vocation Directors in our diocese can lead you on a proven path to clarity about your vocation.

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Help create a culture of vocations in the Diocese of Boise.

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